Life in the Carpool Lane


Long time readers will be familiar with the term “swag”.  It is often misheard as “schwag” or “swig” or “swizaggle” but those of us in the know live and die by the word which is actually an acronym for “Stuff We All Get”.

I’ve been living life in the Carpool Lane for a while now. What I mean by that is… never go it alone when there is a group just dying to have you as a member.

Big companies have products that they just can’t get into enough hands.  A simple “Can I have one?” ends in a “yes” 99 out of 100 times.  Sure there are some bridges burned when the company doesn’t get the media exposure that they want, but in reality they have moved on the moment they sent you the SWAG.

It’s been a good 20 years of SWAG collecting for me and while the bridges are burnt, their crispy corpses still are stroll-able now and then.

With that in mind, let the hunker down begin as the begging for Ski and Snow access begins.  The sport of sliding down a mountain on your own equipment has become increasingly costly in the last decade.  Just a few years ago, the $100 lift ticket was scoffed at but now it is a painful reality.

617f2b5604fdc6cb2454e5f9e9737043The sport, once ruled by the slackers and stoners of the mountains, is now over crowded by the weekend tourist who is there to splash cash.  The bum has become a bummer and friggin global warming ain’t helping.  The silver lining is that these massive companies are fighting for coverage of their mega-resorts.  Back in the day, almost every resort had a family, or at a least a human, representative on-site to gate keep the lifts. But now there are PR companies waaaaay offsite who are tasked with liasonning with the resort to show these media visitors a good time.  And I mean a really good time.


Stay tuned in our next post for the story of how one Lake Tahoe resort wooed me, Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn (yes! Princess Buttercup herself!) and 2 Russian prostitutes to the deep white fluffy stuff!


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