SamJo – Power Couple in a Small Town

On Friday, November 25, the ensemble band “Golden Shoulders” played Grass Valley, CA at the premiere venue The Center for the Arts.  In the audience, no less than front row, was power couple harpist Joanna Newsom and funnyman Andy Samberg.

The dynamic duo squeezed into the packed house in Northern California’s Nevada County and stood thru the scintillating opener Aaron Ross’ brilliant set and blistering guitar.

Music swelled the whole night and came to a crescendo when not one, but two members of “Golden Shoulders” celebrated birthdays on stage.  With no warning, Miss Newsom took the stage with the 6 piece band and crooned to the crowd for a trio of songs.

Samberg, donning a Golden State Warriors trucker hat, threw his hands in the air (not “on the ground”) and the packed show bounced with electricity to big time music in a small town setting.

SamJo are quickly coming up on a decade of being a power couple and with the evident passion seen at this week’s show, the hits will just keep on coming.

Not so lonely on that island anymore…




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