Second Lady Omarosa

I Told on You has re-launched!  (hear the collective “gasps” and “whimpers”?!”  We have landed at our new domain after nearly a decade of making offers to the previous owners. has been migrated to the new website and we are up and running!

We officially launched on election day and oh hell yes we will be adding Political gossip to our brimming stable of rumblings and grumblings.

Our first scoop (that no one has picked up on) is President Drump’s inclusion of our old friend Omarosa Manigault deep in the inner circle.

Making sure that she got the missed call I sent her

Was no one else shocked to see “The Apprentice” villain on stage? And not just on stage…she was next after his family! Before Rudy! Before Chris Christie?!  Oma is poised to be a defacto first lady for the soon to be Muzzled Melania.

I first met Oma in 2004 on the set of “The Apprentice.”  She told me very strange tales about backstage changing rooms and up-close moments.  She admitted to me having a relationship with a producer on the show, but I never dreamed it was Don Don.  Oma walked around the set in just her bra and did break a lot of norms so maybe she felt like she had a chip to cash in with some Don Don nom noms in her purse?

The fact that Oma is now deep in the White House is troubling since she signed on to be a full time spy for the tabloids in 2012.  You can read this interview she did in 2012 where she casually mentioned that she had a “relationship” with someone on “The Apprentice.” –

Luckily, I still have Oma’s cell phone number and I will be texting her plenty to get some scoop before she trades it in for a government Blackberry . . . .


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