It took you how long to hit 40?

I mean no one wants to hear about somebody’s bday forever – but just 9 more hours.  Boy’s gotta eat.

Uber picked us back up and then back up again. We were a little late to the car due to drinking very expensive high-end exotic northern Hokkaido whisky.  Luckily the driver waited, up until this point no bad xperiences with Shmoober.

Also running late cuz Bri received a phone call telling us to hurry up for our 9 pm rez (which had already been pushed and now it was pushing 930pm)

We zipped over to Appia in Thong Lor Bangkok. The kitchen, hours earlier, nabbed Asia’s Restaurant of the Year (not too shabby) and was visibly drunk with happiness when we arrived.

Upon sitting, a bottle arrived tableside.  Happy Birthday my four racantouers rejoiced! A 2006 bottle of Cristal (which my 90210 ass thought was spelled with a “K”) blew my mind!  Sara secretly asked me what booze I liked most weeks before and splurged on a Vintage a local’s year’s salary couldn’t procure.  Ohh la la does a worldwide affinity follow us everywhere!

I won’t bore you with the 10 course, off menu grub.  Looked something like this

Full and all – an amazing 40th birthday I will never forget (and never forget the lack of sound of) full of booze, brews, buds, babes, and Bangkok.


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