Go with your gut

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The ear problem was not responding to heavy medication.  The Amoxacyllin I was taking twice daily (also known as the A-Bomb to the body) was starting to react badly from overdosing and my body was breaking out into full on bumpy hives minutes after ingesting the pill.

In the somewhat major Thai town of Surat Thani, I visited Thaksin hospital and was quickly seen by a doctor who…wait for it…spoke English!

OK, so she didn’t speak Cosby show English but she had the major medical words down. Words like “punctured eardrum” and “serious” and “We won’t really know if we have to do surgery for 2 or 3 months” and thankfully “It’s OK to fly. No problem in airplane”

All this time, the lack of information had been causing even more headaches so at least know I knew what I was facing.

She started me on a new round of antibiotics (Cipro this time) with some Loratadine to counteract any adverse reactions like I was having.  Also she gave me some low doses of Pseudophedrine (yup, the main ingredient in smack) to deal with the Tinnitus.  And the kicker, liquid antibiotics to be dropped directly into the ear. I begged for this in the beginning, but the scuba nurses wouldn’t hear of it (pun intended) because if the drum was completely punctured the ear drops would have reeked havoc on it. And at that time my ear was swollen 100% shut so they couldn’t see inside for any type of diagnosis.

So flash forward three weeks from the injury, and I am feeling much better. I have gone from 60% hearing loss to just 5% loss now and the incessant popping is now only intermittent.

Thru it all, I received round the clock medical treatment from Dr. Zahn who does not accept insurance but I can pay in hugs (on lay-away).

If you would like to learn more about the (possible) upcoming ear surgery I might have, feel free to check out this very graphic medical video which I watch obsessively whilst freaking out about a knife poking the inside of my ear.

Next post: the belated birthday fruition!!


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