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Sad day in the world of schwagg.  My lifetime subscription for me and 49 of my best friends to the Internet Movie Database has been cancelled.  The new website now requires Social Media connectivity to contribute to the complex world that is.

That’s OK, I actually thought I might cancel the user name’s email address: emk92y@yahoo.com because I just so sick of the stagnation at Yahoo.  And anyways, it is the only website I was ever stoopid enough to use the password “star” which in hindsight was pretty brilliant since it was how everyone came to know me around 2002 and I could easily give out the login credentials to imdbpro.com and friends could just be me but update their own movie credits.

Over the next 10 years my friends in the “flims” would every few years or so pop a credit up there and I’d get an email that Susie Johnston was playing Waitress number 2 in the new Jason Schwartzman TV pilot.  Good for you Suze!

It was an amazing way to keep in touch with all of my deep Hollywood friends as I lived in Asia and the Middle East for 3 years during this time.  Cold night in Pakistan?  Allison Aimee has just been booked as PlayboyTV’s Party Radio Girl!  Hurrah!

IMDB was the biggest geek website when it first came out and I was with the founders in a dark basement bar in Utah in 2003 (thus the giving of the lifetime IMDBPro mega-account) telling movie stories.

I had just finished making a few of my own back then and loved that imdb gave me instantaneous credit.  Shit, it even rated me 14,987 out of 567,328 once!!

It’s gone – It’s no longer available, like so many amazing treasure troves on the internet, I will miss trolling thee for hours and hours harvesting the riches that were phone numbers emails little notes, little insights and of course Self Proclaimed Fame!



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