Arguing Animals Allowed on Airplanes (AAAA)

A North Carolina couple is suing AirTran Airways, alleging that cockroaches crawled out of air vents and overhead carry-on bins during a flight from Charlotte to Houston in September.
Attorney Harry Marsh and his fiancé Kaitlin Rush say the insects appeared soon after takeoff, and when Marsh pointed them out to flight attendants, they did nothing to help. “These roaches and other pests caused great distress to a number of passengers throughout the flight,” the complaint states. All paying guests of the airline are entitled to “clean, pest-free” accommodations, it goes to to say. The couple

accuses AirTran of negligence and recklessness, infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, false imprisonment and OH WHO GIVES A FUCK? YOU ARE AN ANIMAL THAT THE COCKROACH IS LIKE ‘WHAT’S THIS DUDE DOIN’ ON MY FLIGHT?” This trend of complaining against a “lower” class of travel has got to stop. Next we are going to ask that no chickens are allowed on board the bus in Guatemala. And then they’ll repeal the term “chicken bus” and replace it with the words “people pod” just like they did to the Cleveland Indians. I flew an airline once that had a snake on it. There was a snake on the plane. Wow, something about that just sounds like a good idea to invest money in.. hmm. I hope Airtran wins by claiming the “stowaway defense” because they were nice enough to let all the plaintiffs in this suit fly 5 miles above the ground in their space ship! Ungrateful North Carolina couples!

PS – Tom Cruise is NOT gay.


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