Sundance 2011 – The Year we Breathe

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Sundance, Utah. The sun is shining yet snowflakes the sizes of potato chips are smacking me in my Giant Vintage sunglasses. Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is standing in the middle of the street and calling someone a dirty word with his voice turned up just a little loudly.  Women are underdressed, men don’t have to shave, and we all bow down to the powerful tent pole that Robert Redford has staked in Utah.  This is the Dance.
The celebrities gave Sundance its big push opening weekend as Park City, Utah filled up with Hollywood’s shiniest stars.
I started Saturday, January 22 at the Burton House where they buried me like a powder avalanche in Burton’s hottest new gear. At the Burton House, celebrities and festival VIPs were hosted at a private chateau off of Main Street where they were geared up and experienced private lessons with professional snowboarders. Martin, a Park City resort, took me, ESPN anchor @jamesswanwick, and Radio God @bradblanks on the mountain and with 7 inches of fresh powder on the ground, it was a great day.
With my psychic powers of celebrity hunting in full swing, I camped out at Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge and sat in my newly gifted Obermeyer ski parka only to see Paul Rudd’s manly locks across the street. I ran over to the House of SWAGG over at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift and got some amazing face time with Elizabeth Banks, who Park City yokels still can only remember as Miri and they ask her if she wants to make a porno.  Lay off the open bar, local yokels!
Inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab lounge, the rep for Lia Sophia jewelry insisted that I pick up an amazing Daft Punk-ish, ring for myself while also sending early mother’s day presents home with me and @jamesswanwick
I go through shoes quickly at Sundance cuz of all the snow and salt on the street, so I headed up to the Puma FaasLab and Stella Artois Café to get some new kicks and ran into 127 Hours’ James Franco. James’ people (think physical trainers on a schedule in a gym) informed me that he is on a tight schedule.  That did not stop Sundance’s hottest hunk from kicking it leisurely at the PlayStation Green Lounge where he joined Susan Sarandon and Zooey Deschanel who customized their PlayStation 3 gaming machines.
After all of that gifting my arms, my arms were getting tired and I had forgotten to eat all day, so I headed over to Chefdance.  Chefdance is an elaborate luxury dining experience and the food was amazing!  My favorite was the beet salad dipped in a Graham cracker pudding.
I woke up Sunday morning in front of a fireplace at Deer Valley chateau, and after 4 hours sleep I was recharged and ready to reload.  I headed over to the Oakley Learn to Ride Fueled by Muscle Milk event and pounded some of their amazing coffee flavored, lactose free beverages.  Cisco Adler was already kicking it at the Oakley lounge and picked up DC shoes, New Era hats, Continental Tires, and 901 Tequila – for breakfast!  After that liquid breakfast, I walked over to the TR Suites and got my wisp of hair some love with Keratin Complex and more jewelry love from the good people at Yazmin & Jazmim.  I told them this would be my engagement ring if I ever got a girlfriend!
The only thing that was keeps me moving are my Rubber Duck moon boots ( which handled the snow like gangbusters!  These cool shoes are becoming a Sundance staple and I learned about them from Mariah Carey, who is an Aspen regular and my personal moon boot advisor. I moved a little faster because I was rocking out to my next interviews music on my Nokia N8 smart phone with my Klipsch headphones.
I “ducked” over to the House of Hype LIVEstyle Lounge where 50 cent gave me a ten minute interview where he stroked my arm 5 times.  HE was the one wearing the green velour jacket but I strictly adhere a “no touching the talent” rule!  I asked him why he spends so much of his money making movies, and he looked at me like I was crazy and told me to “look around.”  Point taken Fitty.
Big music acts are coming into the Bing lounge, but they don’t want press, so we will oblige.  We still love you Donavon!
This year’s biggest addition to Sundance was the infusion of amazing music by Spingroup studdess Kim Koury who brought amazing bands for Koffeehouse sessions.  What a difference it makes to have rocking bands wailing while you interview Sketchers about their newest insole!
The dichotomy of all this swag packaging and beautiful nature made me want to go over to the Alive Expo Green Pavilion where I learned about eco-friendly plates, reusable bags, and a water bottle that makes H2O taste good – a breath of fresh air!
Shaking a little from celebrity withdrawal, I headed over to the closest gifting house to be with my beautiful people.  It turned out to be the Superdry Experience where I shook a tail feather with Penn Badgely, Adrian Grenier, Danny Masterson, Cisco Adler, Anton Yelchin and Danny Masterson.
Sunday night is something of denouement in Sundance because most journalists file their stories Monday morning and I was no exception.  I closed the evening with friends The Honey Brothers, a band comprised of Adrian Grenier, Ari Gold, DS Posner, Ethan Gold and Andrew Vladeck at the Downstairs Bar.  As we danced into Monday, I reflected on the film industry’s spinning machine and embraced it.  Turning the dial to reload the Spin Cycle, I’m Evan Matthew.

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