The Power of Pssst

The human mouth is capable of so many delectable activities.  We tweet, we chirp, we slurp, barble, babble, and gurgle.  But nothing, and I mean nothing my friends, comes close to the power of the Central American “Pssssssst.”

You hear it everywhere.  It is a word. A command. A question. And in its core, a beckoning.  It says:  Look my way.  “Psssst” is a command for a child on a busy street not to stray too far from its parent.  It is a long distance noise used across a loud supermarket for a husband to tell a wife he found the cheap butter.  The noise can be made by young Cabelleros looking for their cowgirl in a passing street crowd – not caring which girl answers.  The secretive whisper of it classicly embues the fact that someone has something to tell only to you.  The insistent slush of letters by a stranger usually means he has drugs to offer you and by the harshness of the “P” you can indicate the harshness of the profferred drugs.  The noise is never used in quiet or between intimate lovers.  It is a noise that lifts the needle off the record of your daily audio to introduce a new beat.

The Power of “Pssst” is an individual’s blog entry – a shout to the world – a command that can only be ushered once and if greeted with a favorable, accepting eye, “Pssst” may be the most inviting noise you ever needed to hear.


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