The Blog Bog

SO I have become big on stealing. Ideas that is. Physical property has a right and an ownership close to divinity.  But when it comes to intellectual spawning once it’s out in the universe, it’s mine for reinterpretation.

With that verve in mind, I perused some great blogs in search of inspiration of what mine should encumber. I wasn’t looking for content or form – I needed to see meaning in others’ words.  A reason that they take the time to type on their keyboards to an invisible audience.

I started close to home and found inspiring features coming from who shared many an adventure in Thai Thai and beyond. Her articles were informative about Thai culture and she was able to hesitate, where I indulge, in dithering on how Thai culture compares with “normal” world.  Readers know what normal world is!  Miss Erika is conveying her Thai world as the norm and giving people a much better look down the rabbit hole.

The information I have to tell my audience can range from massive scoop (like I saw Matt McConnacocky giving a whoo who to a joe joe in Nicaragua) or obscure food posts that ramble on for hours (only sushi is really deserving of this).  So in hopes of disseminating what to blog about and what to keep to myself, I turned to the master of content.  My friend Blanksie. His blog,, has so many tidbits of celebrity goss that Tabloid editors eat his Twitters for breakfast.  But with a new baby and young marriage, Blanksie shows me that while one entry can be about George Clooney’s milk mustache he might show just as much gusto describing his son’s stash as well.

Now that I am learning what I care about to write, hopefully my caring and not just filling of content will show in future entries.


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