A good bad sign

Well..been on the road now for 50 days.
Something about Nica makes me want to stay.
But I don´t – I ramble
To the beach, the volcano, back to the beach by the volcano, up the volcano to overlook the beach
And then Granada
I get off the bus early
¨No No No!¨yells the bus driver.
But I ignore him as he speeds up and forces me to jump off the moving vehicle a 20 lb pack on
I walk – I see a hotel – I stop – $45 a night – nope
But I ask a whitey lady in my broken Spanish:
(Tu trabajo aqui?)
She says: Do you work here?
No. Do you work here?
You asked ´Do I work here?´´
Well, do I?
Funny. I am looking for an intern.
And like that I met Melissa from Conneticut.
I now rent her house – 4 rooms including kitchen annd yoga deck
I start teaching her neighbor English manana as well as observing and apprenticing the alligator (its actually a cousin of the alligator) purse factory he lives in with 13 family members
Melissa got me a bike, a yoga studio membership, and has asked me to have coffee every morning with her 101 year old grandmother who still runs a coffee stall on the corner and will only charge me 2 cord (10 cents) for coffee and bread every morning
Granada is not any idea of paradise I ever thought of ..but its where I am
PS – 10 feet after walking out of Melissa´s house and telling her I would ´think about it´my Keen sandal shoe broke in half.  I am not a huge believer in signs but the fact that the shoe broke and I didn´t want to walk away made me do an about face and smile with laughter to a new friend. 8)

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