Punch Drunk Chad

Today is election weekend in Costa Rica. Talking to the locals, they say: “There are the two guys and the woman. I vote for the woman because she is the least corrupt.”

Not a horrible ideal to have for your candidate. Yes indeedy, there is a woman running for president of Costa Rica (she happens to already be their vice president). “Laura”, as she is known my her one moniker, aims to rule the country from an estrogen fueled throne. If her campaign is at all indicative of how she will govern, it is going to be one good looking county! Her posters show her getting out of a limousine with smooth legs in a mini-skirt and another has her in garish makeup in what looks like a Sears photo shoot.
What does it take for a Costa Rican to vote for a woman? Well, I tell you what it won’t take: booze.
For the past 15 years, an election law requires all of Costa Rica to stop selling alcohol on the day before and the day of an election (which happens to be Super Bowl Sunday).
This tradition started when politicians and their lackeys stood outside polling places and offered booze to anyone who would sell their vote. Now Costa Ricans are encourage to vote with a less influenced liver. I just can’t wait to do fruit shake shots at my first Costa Rican Super Bowl party!


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