So here I am….

Another third world country

Another dollar a day attitude

What keeps me on those planes high above it all?

Why do I search after I have found only to search again?

How will I know when to stop and smile and sit and write and build?

Who will tell me what to do?

I have just begun my new big adventure in Latin and South America.

Today I am hurtling toward the Carribian coast of Costa Rica in search of white beaches and coral reef eye candy.

The beach will undoubtedly be beautiful and I will breathe calming breaths as I always do.

The question is: Is this enough?

Is Paradise unshared Paradise?

Sure, there are hundreds of travelers that I meet every day and we all share a sly grin that we are here and others are not, but that is a game of chance and the thread of adventure is tenuous in the so-far somber 21st century.

Over the next 3 months I am going to dive, literally and figuratively, into the depths of this earth.
I will come back with an answer.
It is simply…..Time.


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