Celeb=fly Me=shit

I can’t go anywhere in this town without finding celebs. For that matter, I can’t travel the world without them followin’ me.

I remember the time Jude Law followed me into a gay club in Montreal. C’mon Jude – I am trying to break the Law here!

So in just a few days in Hollywood I have danced the drunken dance with Carmen Electra at Mix Master Mike’s concert and met upteen members of the show “The Hills” in the hills.

So when I took off to Ventura City near Santa Barbara I thought I would have the celeb night off.

BUT, as soon as I step out of my car I bump into Jerry Bruckheimer. Clearly no one knows who the hell he is or what he looks like, but I do! The powerhouse got the once over from me as if to say ‘Take you multi millions elsewhere.’

But he didn’t and I put my celeb hard-on away and the night when on with some normal heart palpitations.

But for the future, celebs please stay away!


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