Drinking for the Cause

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Any ill ever spoken about anything Lake Tahoe is wasted breath. The “fun capitol” of the planet increased its fun factor on October 24 when Tahoe’s citizens breath became a bit boozy at the annual “Foamfest.” The Foamfest celebrates…you guessed it: Beer.

The event was held at the Tahoe Biltmore Hotel in Crystal Bay, NV and was hosted by the Disabled Sports USA Far West organization. Dozens of beer companies from the giants to the garage brewers donated all the beer that the crowd of 300 could guzzle in three hours.

“It’s all for charity and look at the smiles that puts on people’s faces,” beamed Sean Turner, the owner of Mammoth Brewing.

Sean rocked my world with his smoked Porter beer which I was determined to describe as a “wet ham and cheese sandwich” to anyone who would listen.

After two hours of drinking beer, the winners of the evening’s raffle prizes were announced and some very lucky drunks went home with snowboards, season passes, and tons of Swag from Tahoe’s local resorts.

The raffle helped raise even more money for the Disabled Sports program and long time locals couldn’t help but be impressed with their small town effort.

“It’s great to see the whole community support their efforts,” said local business owner Dr. Lily Kuehne.

If you’d like to make a difference and work with Disabled Sports please visit their website at http://www.disabledsports.net


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