My new neighbor

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Sorry it’s been a while everyone – truly been a few selfish weeks.

After a great work month in France in May and a very functional work trip to Cali in June, I have returned to the great country of Siam.

This was a very intentional trip and very different from my whimsical travel in the past. I truly want to sample the level of happiness among the ex pat community in Thailand and see if it is viable for my future.

So, after a few weeks of fun and reconnecting in the beautiful beaches of the south, I headed north.

I have rented an apartment in the famous ex pat community of Chiang Mai. The scene up here is hippy to the max for the whiteys among me. Yoga and Vegan rule the day and bicycle is the method of transport. I am loving loving loving the selection of food and the massages are about $2 for an hour so those are rocking my world daily.

I am new to the scene and hipsters that abound are not uber friendly to new comers. I think they want it all to themselves. We shall see what friend ships develop in the next few weeks here.

Right now I am really embracing the Thai language. I love being able to communicate in T-Inglish which is every 5th word being Thai. I don’t know how it happened but every day now I speak English, French, German, and Thai and my brain feels so much happier. You should try it!

The woman in the photo really is my neighbor – her name is Karen. I am hoping to spend lots of time with her hill tribe and other Hmong people who rule this land.

Signing off for now from the Golden Triangle (which I did not have to use my Golden Compass to find!)



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