What are YOU?

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So I am getting all edu-ma-cated again and thought I would share with you what I think the 5 ingredients of humans are.

The textbook I am using is called “The Theories of Personality” and it has a hippie twinge to it, so if you are ready to know thyself, read on.

By Evan Klinger

The five essential ingredients that all human beings have that determine their personality are race, gender, profession, sleep, and education. As Chapter 1 in the Theories of Personality text book states on page 7, “personality is nothing more than the accumulation of learned responses or habit systems” so it is the opportunity that we have to react to these ingredients that makes us who we are.
Race is important because it help you subvert some of your own thoughts. For example, Asians have a greater belief about the good of society as a whole (23) A personality is driven partly by our own decisions but if the nation we live in fosters beliefs that become the fabric of our idea of common sense then what nation we belong to changes our personality.
Gender has proved to be a large factor in personality. It has been proven that women show greater emotional complexity and intensity then men do. (12) When we react to something, we do it in our personal way. But the difference between men and women make the reactions change, even if all the other factors all stay the same.
The profession we chose is an ingredient that either spices or dulls our life. Just like sleeping, we spend about 8 hours a day doing something with our time that is not necessarily for ourselves but is part of a greater system: the workforce. If one has a profession that they love, their personality will shine through it and those 8 hours will become a homogeneous part of their life. But if some one has a job that they hate, they are suppressing their true personality in those 8 hours and putting on a mask of a different person.

Sleep is an ingredient often overlooked in personality. The human body requires sleep and we often get about 8 hours of it a night. If one is unable to sleep, it affects the time they have to be personable. This is one of the few instances where actual physical effects of the body can control personality. Sleep makes us who we are and many people define themselves as morning people or night people. For them, their personality takes on a different shine at different parts of the day depending on their sleep habits.

The final, and what I consider to be the key , ingredient of personality is education. To think is to grow and to know that your personality can be altered by mirroring yourself off of the world is the greatest influence one can have on their personality. Education changes everything because you are able to emulate another personality and, if you choose, wear that mask for as long as you like. Only by knowing thyself, can we understand who we are and where we come from. Once we know what our concrete scientific personality is a human can start to philosophically alter it.


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