The "big" night in Cannes

Evan Matthew Klinger's Facebook profileIt’s quite the night in Cannes. The first ever 3-D film is going to screen in the Palais. It’s called “Up” and while I want to see it, I am more excited to see 1000 tuxedo and ballgown clad beauties in 3D glasses.

Ed Asner is the star and he is the biggest thing to hit Cannes since Gandolfini.

P.S. If you are the asshole who robbed my sister’s house, I am giving you a 48 hour get out of jail free card. Then I kick your ass

Big shout out to the little films that need help too – I hear good things about “Cornered!” starring the Gutt – email me for more details

I have signed up for a Twitter account but it will all prob happen thru Facebook. Why do I need another addiciton?


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