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May 10

LA is its own amusement park. Perhaps there is a reason that Magic Mountain and Disneyland has not grown much since inception. Its the fact that on any night of the week, the beautiful people of LA can plug into “happenings” that are sheer entertainment.
My invitations in LA LA for the 6 simple days I have been home have included:

1) Scuba diving with Mr. Sulu in Catalina and then seeing a private showing of the new Star Trek with him
2) Seeing Jewel sing at small club that seats maybe 40 people
3) Going to a secret Cars reunion concert
4) Going to a free dinner and drinks party where beautiful people gather around a television to watch an actor’s 10 minutes of fame on a television show
5) Tea with Flea – at his house

These are the ones that I have gotten without trying! I am sure if I put a little effort into it, the results could include:

1) Blowjobs with Bono
2) Barbituates with Bobcat
3) Pilates with Paula Abdul
4) Bikram with Bikram
5) Spraying Hairspray on the hair of the lead in the musical “Hairspray”

but I stick with my moms.


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