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May 9

It’s the full moon all over the world tonight and for the first time in my life I feel a connection to the thousands of people who will pulsate on the beach on the Koh islands in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a simple celebration of life that people forget to do in a city setting. It’s a day on the calender that reminds us, monthly, to get up and jump simply because we can. That and a great excuse to listen to loud music and drink.
My suitcase is coming together for Cannes. Right now it has one tuxedo, two tuxedo shirts, 3 dress shirts, and 2 bottles of very cheap whisky. I have enough room for anyone that wants to stow away in my suitcase for an 11 hour flight. You’ve got the whisky in there for pete’s sake!
The interviews are coming together for Cannes. I just received my first one with Abbie Cornish. As soon as I figure out who he or she is, I can get started on the questions. This morning I put out a request to have lunch with Ang Lee. I love all his films including the short he did for BMW 10 years ago. I will get to ask him some Heath Ledger questions as well since Heath’s last film with Director Terry Gilliam will be world premiering at Cannes.
But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I have been enjoying the Cali lifestyle very very very much. Food of course is at the forefront of my experience being home. In San Francisco, Matty and Miranda made sure I had an injection of Phil’s amazing coffee upon arrival and in LA, my motel has been accross the street from an In and Out and its been Double Doubles twice a day for a while now. I am considering a 3×3 animal style for a 2 am snack tonight.
I think it is safe to say that I will gain 10 pounds in my week in LA, 20 pounds from champagne and truffles in Cannes, and then lose it all to a parasite within a few days of my return to Asia. If that’s not Hollywood, I don’t know what is.


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