Pigs on a Plane – The Movie

Evan Matthew Klinger's Facebook profile

So, it’s plane travel season for me again! South Thailand to Bangkok then off to San Fran then a jaunt to LA with a stint in London and a hop to Nice then back to London and then breakie in Los Angeles followed by dinner in SF and then a day of travel back to mother flippin Asia.

So I am worried about swine air. I mean, what if the stewardess offers me a pork sandwich? The air on a plane incubates and festers and ….. well, let’s just say I am a little worried.

That puts me in the market for a gas mask. I would like a designer one and have reached out to Gucci to sponsor me and make a customized 24 carat mask that Lindsay Lohan and I will do photo ops in at Cannes. I finally am going to meet the Brangelina kids and if my mask just isn’t right, I am not sure Angie wants me over for playtime.

While in Cannes, I will go to the world premiere of Terminator 4. Maybe I can pitch T5: The Swine Strikes Back to Christian Bale?


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