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More like Vandoor loost because a German condition is pretty much what I am sure I am afflicted with. Can’t quite put my finger on how it manifests itself in my travels, but I know it is the Gollum within that stirs me in directions that I unknowingly crave.

It’s the need to look for 12 other restaurants on a side street in Italy even though the trattoria in front of you will probably rock your tastebuds and is reasonably priced. My brother in law calls it by its Yiddish monkiker “geshhpilkis in the gazointz” which to me means a strirring in one’s testicles that cannot let him sit very long.

I recently read that people “travel too much.” This was a profound statement for me to read. It was in the context of a 19th century short story and the comment was made flippantly in a story not all together about travel.

QUICK SIDENOTE: As I was typing this a Thai man came up to me and asked me to get into his truck and go with him. I know this man to be a very powerful town elder in Khanom so I did as he said. As I sat in the plush Lexus SUV (the kind I was raised on) I wondered where we were going. He drove me three blocks to the biggest hotel in Khanom (a whopping 32 rooms!) bought me breakfast and a coffee and had his son drive me back to my computer 30 minutes later. All the while my laptop camera passport and $500 in cash were sitting by the side of the road in Thailand. Was I worried, not for a minute.

So where was I? Rambling on…right. Crossing the countries off the page. 54 down and 108 to go. A third of the world down and none of it is starting to look the same. Fuck variety, fuck you.

I feel like maybe I travel the world like I have the map of my heart. Haphazardly and quickly with no deep meaning, just superficial eyeball love. Fuck you geschpilkis, go crawl back where you came from.

I am a repeat travel offender every now and then. 23 out of 32 Christmases spent in Lake Tahoe, 7 summers in the South of France, and who am I to miss Burning Man in..well, in the middle of nowhere. But my eyes grow weary and hungry thou they feast and that scares the shit out of me and my pocketbook.

So I guess I am looking for the next best thing simply because I know it can get better. There have been gems: Ko Phi Phi in 2005, St Tropez in 2001, and Poland is looking nice right about now…but when you are up for anything, everything looks great, right?


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