Goodbye Natasha

Evan Matthew Klinger's Facebook profileI was lucky enough to meet Natasha three times in my life. My favorite evening with her was in Toronto where she was traveling with hubby Liam who was promoting the film “Kinsey.”

Natasha wore a gold sequined dress that night but she was shinier than even the dress. Her energy and happiness spilled over to me and we spent a couple of hours sitting in wicker chairs and laughing under the stars. I found her so easy to talk to and, as rarely happens, I was treated as a friend and not a stranger by her.

I didn’t know Natasha was a skier and I was shocked and saddened to hear of her sudden loss this week. As some of you may know, I have been skiing 43 days this season and I have worn a helmet every day. I don’t wear a conventional helmet. Instead I fancy a rugby scrum cap that I filched from UC Santa Cruz in 2000. It makes me a better skier because I feel secure in it.

I will miss the great Natasha and her smile. And I beg of all my friends to wear headgear on the slopes because the human melon is soft and juicy and like all perfect things it was not built to last.


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