Where it’s at

Evan Matthew Klinger's Facebook profileIn an effort to stem vague thoughts of my oh so definable life, I just lettin u know ;where’s it’s at;

spent Jan in Japan – as u know it changed my love (lifelong) of sushi
It also made me re-think about being poor my whole life

Feb was knee deep in Kashmiri powder with smiles and wonder

March is a holding pattern

Apri is up in the air? Feedback would be great. I crave a bit more India, but Bali is so close. Or should I drop mad cash and plus into Hong Kong and plug back into the film fest world

i have been reading Twain, re-read A raisin in the sun (not since 7th grade) – tomorrow i start death of salesman

i read 100 pages of school work so fringe reading hasnt been that big – i am reading owen meany just because it is there – wading thru sons and lovers by lawrence and read all the thai guidebooks that are around

movies – been keeping steady for 4 months seeing everything – last night watched seven pounds with will smith and cried because it told me too

finished season 1 and 2 of Sixfeet under -always hated that show but now i see now why – its totally a post 30 show

blogging media would be no prob – been consuming PLENTY

so mad love out to all my peeps- specially those in cooking schools in provence and motorcycle road trips in laos – and of course everything in between



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