Back in deep Kok

Scary that I am getting to know my way around Bangkok.

I have been in this city now almost a dozen times but this is the first time where I feel I have a real handle on the ‘Kok. I take taxis, tuk tuks, and water taxis and zip around this city getting things done. I hit the Ipod store then the place with the good Veggie Curry then over to Sukhumvit for a $10 2-hour spa treatment. I have also learned that between noon and 3 I must do absolutely nothing for it is stifling hot. I am beginning to like this city for its city qualities but then I see the overwhelming amounts of trash, crap, poverty, and sickly dogs and people and I am thankful to live amongst beautiful countryside. Scary that coming from India Bangkok is a bit of a Shangri-la.


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