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Times are Tough, but like Lenny Kravitz says “It’s getting heavy, but I am ready” One of the secrets of my success has been just getting the hell out of Dodge. People ask me all the time how do you afford the things you do? No overhead is a big one! My house food and motorcycle in Thailand all run me less than $100 a month so that leaves a little room for extras. I miss American and I miss the love of something familiar and clean, but when I look at Southeast Asia I see all the things that I need in this world at a fraction of a pride. The big sacrifice is not having the language skills to connect with the people that I know are interesting over here. Sure they are undereducated and I often forget that when I try to logic with a man who thinks its OK to send his 8 year old son out for ice at 2 am in the morning by riding his motorcycle. It’s not OK but it is routine and there are many things that I have sadly had to swallow (including some slurried chipmunk but that is a whole other blog entry!) When I wake up , I say good morning nice to see you and we keep it nice and friendly throughout the day. I have not taken too much to drinking like I know a lot of ex-oats love to do in Thailand.

The Indian experience has begun and already the brunt force of it is smacking me in the nose. Yes, Indians have a sell and smell is not always a bad word. It is neutral, but the odor is not. On my Jet Airways flight from Bangkok to Delhi I was packaged in with hundreds of Indians who, well, stank. I knew a man once in my childhood who had a similar smell. He was not Indian was the odd thing. But everyday he would ride in the elevator with me and I would catch his stench. He was not sweaty he was not fecal in fact he was usually clean and I know this because he usually had his shirt tucked into his pants with a belt which is a sign of cleanliness. I am in the cities of India for no more than48 hours and then I will be surrounded by the fresh smells of the Himalayas for breakfast. But as I type this the world smells like shit and at 40000 feet there is no avoiding it! Speaking of digestive matters, to warm up for my trip I went for Indian food last night in Bangkok (because I wanted to hear it called Indian food just one more time before everyone starts calling just food). I had Chicken Sag which was not limp chicken! It was a delicious bowl of cubed chicken (I want the machine that cubes things for me) mixed with spinach. I ordered some butter Nan bread to go with it and it was delish. I can’t wait to eat and eat and eat. I pray for good belly strength but know that Delhi belly is out there and the charcoal pills are always kept close to me. The worst part would be to get sick while I am skiing and there is a good powder day that I missed from the toilet. But that aint gonna happen! Flying over India was a very humbling experience. Everytime I looked down into the night skies over India I saw lights. And not just some lights – a billion peoples lights and they were orange not white like England or America. It was beautiful to see India welcome the night as I passed over Bombay and the countryside on my way to Delhi.


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