Slice me off a piece of that Pie

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Sorry it’s been so long. I have a great excuse though…I have been living life!

I have spent a great week staying with friends in Khanom and enjoying the slice of paradise that it is.

I hope I will get to share it with you all some day.

The weather here has turned perfect. It’s even more perfect on the days when it is not perfect. What I mean is when it rains and night and cools it off just a few more degrees to make a tshirt feel good and not sticky.

The wind has been blowing and the air has been great for bike rides

A group of us took some kayaks out into the middle of the Gulf of Siam off Khanom beach and were quickly surrounded by a half dozen dolphins. They swam circles around us and playfully jumped and made cute noises. Oh did I mention that they are pink? Khanom is one of two spots on the planet where the dolphins turn pink from the special food they eat.

Speaking of special food, I am finding new Thai treats every day. My new kick is a great corner shop where they make Calamari Tempura fritters. It reminds me a lot of the Conch fritters in Turks and Caicos. Just such an abundant fish that they mass fry and serve up cheap. How much does it cost? The same as everything in Thailand $1

I got a special gift in the mail of some tasty items from Trader Joes and it was interesting to see how my palette reacted to what i used to eat. Mostly my diet is of broths and veggie soups with tons of spices added. My tolerance on the spicy has gone way up!

I get blown away by the foods and the massages and the stunning landscapes that I am surrounded by daily. My reality checks are becoming routine. It’s been almost 60 days out here. I have to remember that one day is never better than another.

It was just another amazing day in Paradise.

A life update for me is that I finished my first semester of online school. I received two As and now I am sporting a 4.0. Next semester doesnt start until Jan 22 so I am chilling this week for the holidays and eating and drinking and being merry

Next week I am headed to the other coast to do some scuba. I will be based in Ko Lak but hope to get on a liveaboard boat for 5 days and do some deep diving off the Similan Islands. So NYE will be spent underwater!

Trying to get to Sinapore in the first week of Jan and then I am off to Japan for 3 weeks for the rest of January

Then February, I am going to… well, let’s leave some excitement for later posts

Miss you all and thinking happy thoughts during this holiday time!


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