Watching Live TV from USA in Thailand – at the whim of another!!!

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So I have been kind of jonesing for Live Television from the States. Even commercials seem attractive right now. But most off, football – just hours and hours of mindless American Football (which they don’t give two hoots about here in Thailand)

One morning, Sunday morning to be exact, I was surfin the net trying to find a stream of the Oscar De La Hoya boxing match (which was horrible by the way) and I found

This is a website where people live stream their own Television sets to whomever wants to watch

I have been surfing around and I found one guy, his code name is steeler7fan, who watches a lot of TV. He flips around a lot and we seem to have similar taste. (Its hilarious to watch another man channel surf)

I am hoping to watch NFL and college games as we get closer to the big ones. But the website is great for watching anything anywhere – and of course you get to chat with the person who controls the remote – so imagine a chat room full of people yelling “Sex and the City!” “No, football!” “Flip back” “Kewl!” “Can you rewind that?” “Can we see who is on Oprah today?”

It is crrrrazy…………

Here is a link to Steelerfan7’s TV – he is not always on so you might have to look at others TVs. live video from steelers7fan’s channel on


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