A new Vlog on the King’s birthday

Today is Saturday and we are getting a bit of rain here. Sooo happy that I did not go to Koh Tao for the weekend – It could be great weather there because there are microclimates everywhere but I am content to think that it is raining there too and I saved my time and effort by chilling on Samui. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I went for a nice motorcycle ride up the hills of the dead end roads of Samui. Found a great spot to make you all a vlog!

Yesterday was the king’s 81st birthday and they love the king in Thailand! To celebrate his birth, hundreds of people got together and worked out! This seems to be a sign of respect and I see it all over Thailand. Here is a clip. The guy in front kept laughing because a bunch of cute girls were staring at him. It’s pimp to aerobisize!

This is a very cool part of the ocean right in front of my house. The waves are going three different directions and when they all get together they make a unique ripple. Can you see it? Plus, the sunset ain’t half bad.


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