Things that make you go … Boom

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Not sure what I wanted to blog this week considering the State of the World just hours away from me….

The violence in India has shaken me but that was a clear attack. 10 Mother Fuckers and guns and bombs and..well, bad intentions.

But it’s the violence in Bangkok that has really got me worried.

The airports (both of them) in Bangkok have been closed for 10 days now. That’s no in, no out, no nothing. On the island of Koh Samui, where I am today, rich tourists are complaining because the direct flight between the remote island and Bangkok is shut down. Richies are forced to take a bus, then a boat ferry, then a 15 hour bus to Phuket to get an international flight home.

Who am I to champion the rights of tourists? You’d be right except that 15% of the GDP of this country is from tourism and the backlash is going to get ugly.

And with the bombs exploding in Bangkok everyday now, I can’t foresee a future where I will be as comfortable as I have always been in that city. They luster has worn off.

So, while I wanted this entry to be about all the amazing scuba, and snorkeling, and sun, and food, and fun I have been having, all I can think about is the random ka-boom that seems to lurk around dark corners.

Is our world just too big to survive?


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