Strange Days

It’s been a weird wild wacky 3 days here in Middle Asia

The bombs and closures of the airports in Bangkok continue.  They just closed the only other airport in Bangkok and now they are encouraging people to use the military base close by to get out!!

My friend Mark came to visit me and he had a couple of short hops around Thailand and Cambodia booked for flights out of Bangkok.  But the airlines have been stringing him along and telling him there is a chance he can fly when in all reality he has just been wasting his time in Bangkok.  I finally convinced him to come south to hang with me for Thanksgiving.

Today is Thanksgiving in the States and I could use so dirty bird.  It’s been a Chicken fiesta for me because after a scare with some undercooked meat I have been focusing on the bird, which IS the word.  Looking forward to a Duck and Turkey feast being thrown by Jen and Brian in Khanom this Saturday.

Last night I took a jaunt into Chaeweng on Samui to see the new movie “Twilight.”  It is quite a treat to see a movie in a brand new theater, have popcorn and soda, and enjoy Arclight type cinema experience all for under $10.  I thought the movie was worth about the $3 I paid for it.  Shameless ending with a sequel set up.  Nice special effects but shitty acting!

It hasn’t rained here in 3 days (knock on a coconut) so I have been going swimming in the sea and lazing a bit.  That’s nice.

I got a lot of calls from friends worried I was in India. I was on my way to India but those plans have been scrapped for now

People say, why don’t you come home?  Because that is not what life is all about.  Israel is just like this and people live there. It is a little scary that they are targeting US tourists but I keep a low profile

Have a great long weekend everyone!  Viva la world!


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