My fave food follows me – thank the lord of raw fish!

I was ecstatic when I heard talk of sushi in Thailand. After searching for decent sushi in Germany, I finally found one spot in Frankfurt. It was fittingly on Klingerstrasse and while not California cuisine, it was great to have fresh sushi in that landlocked country.

Something about the succinctness of sushi just does it for me.

So when people in Khanom started whispering about sushi on the island of Samui, I had to go in search.

The spot is called Fuji and it is in the super ugly tourist part of the island called Chaewang. It’s inside a Tesco (a Thai version of Costco) and is huddled amongst it’s hundreds of stores.

But once I got in, it was like walking down memory lane.

Clean, tasty, and of course expensive (especially in Thailand): it was good to be back in the safe cocoon of Sushi

Here is a vid of me slobberring over the menu….
// was so good that I had it again for the second night in a row. I am not even close to sick of Thai food but sushi is a great respite


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