Something to Make you Happy

Did you know that every rumor you hear about a Celebrity is true!

It’s True! Most of the stories that surface in America (you can completely disregard everything that originates in Australia or the UK) are completely true or give the celebrity the idea to make it true.

Facts that you can be happy you have always known deep down:

Lindsay Lohan does drugs

Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson have fucked half of Hollywood

90% of famous people are cool but the other 10% are real dickheads!

So be happy you gossip, it’s true!

Disclaimer: I told on you is a celebrity gossip site which publishes rumors and conjecture in addition to accurately reported facts. I told on you accepts no responsibility for any of the comments submitted and any loss or damage they may cause. If you object to anything on this site please let us know via email and we will take appropriate action.


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