Nicole Kidman – please make a good movie

I have hated Nicole Kidman ever since I went to dinner with her in 2003.

Long story short, I was childhood friends with Lenny Kravitz and when I ran into him at Nobu in the meat market district of New York he invited me to his table for food with his band. It was like 6 very cool people and a skinny Australian chick named Nicole.

Nobu has the best sushi in the world and there was a smorgasboard in front of Nicole. But she didn’t touch her food.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt and said maybe she was sick that night. But a year or so later, we were at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge together and she had dinner with people but didn’t eat any food and watched everyone else eat. I could tell she was getting bitchier by the moment too because she was hungry – just eat bitch – maybe get fat and get a new audience!

Another endearing fact that made me dislike Nicole was that she was staying liek 8 blocks from the home where Tom Cruise was raising her kids but she didn’t even see them ionce in the week she was there. She did play some tennis with her nephew but that only lasted 15 minutes until she pawned him off on the tennis pro.

The reason I bring the Australian fish stick up is that she is starring in a new movie called “The Eighth Wonder.” I really want this film to do well for one reason. The writer that wrote it wrote the new “Sherlock Holmes” movie with Roberth Downey Jr and I have had a chance to see that script and it is THE BOMB! We are talking Sherlockian Oscars here. that would be cool if she didn’t make another Golden CompASS…

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