Just saw Battle in Seattle – Brutal!

Just saw the new film “Battle in Seattle” at a private screening in LA and I am still a bit shaken by seeing people get the smackdown.

There is a message behind the film and that is “protest can work.”

It’s a story well-told with seamless intercutting of actual footage to give credence to the over-the-top violence in some scenes.

For those who don’t know, protesters lay siege to the WTO meeting on November 29, 1999 in Seattle, WA and effectively ruined the whole conference.

I actually did the press interviews for this film at 2007’s Toronto Film Festival but just didn’t tell any of the actors I hadn’t seen the film.

It was an interesting week of weirdness anyway. The “Battle” cast had an interesting arrival to Toronto.

Michelle Rodriguez broke some international laws by coming to Canada with no Visa and a DUI. I thought she was drunk when she told me this, but she ended up doing six days in jai for it.

Co-star Andre Benjamin (That is him dressed as a turtle in the photo) lost his luggage on the way to Toronto and had been wearing the same Osh Kosh Begosh overalls for two days when I met up with him.

Charlize was there too, but she barely is in this film. She literally is on screen for like 9 minutes and her role is useless. But nevertheless her star power is greatly appreciated for a small film like this. (Plus her boyfriend directed it)

Charlize and Stuart are cool. He rolled a joint and offered to smoke with me and Dennis Hopper at this year’s Sundance film festival. And we all know Charlize gets high (just check out the Apple Bong shots!)

This movie is a great watch – but easily rented and if you are going to go to the movie theaters, why not see an art house flick?

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