My friend topped out on Facebook and can’t add any more friends

(photos courtesy of SuperCeleb)

My buddy Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ Am, just hit 5000 friends on Facebook and that seems to be the limit.

I didn’t know you could top out on Facebook and good for Adam to push it to the max.

Adam used to date Nicole Richie, best friend of Paris Hilton. He has slept with many women and is the man.

But it wasn’t always that way…

For one thing, Adam used to weigh almost 300 pounds. Nicole started dating him when he way way overweight and that gives mad props to Nicole for being such a great girl.

I have known her since she was a little girl and she has always rocked.

Adam is a great guy, but he was unfaithful to Nicole which I didn’t really like. It was right about the time that Nicole and Adam, DJ AM, were about to get married.

I wrote this up for a big magazine and went to the brothel where Adam cheated on Nicole, but they were too scared to touch it. I talked to the best friend of the hooker that Adam paid for at the famous Bunny ranch in Nevada.

The hooker must have gotten a lot of money because after she boned Adam, she took her cash and left the brothel. But I hear they make so much money in a week that that is really how long they stay anyway….

Sooo….fat man……hooker customer…..ex-of Nicole Richie…and now DJ rockstar extrordinaire

It’s been a long road for Adam Goldstein – who, as member of the Tribe, I still consider a hero!

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